Half the Sky Australia deeply cherishes its relationships with its supporters and Forever New is no exception. Not only is Forever New one of Australia’s fastest growing clothing and accessory brands – with a signature style that celebrates the true beauty of femininity – its compassionate people are also determined change-makers, standing with us to help create immediate and lasting improvement to the lives of at–risk children.

Forever New’s three year financial commitment to the OneSky National Caregiver and Training Initiative reflects its conviction that profound transformation of young lives can only begin with the training and transformation of their caregivers. The Forever New team really understand that for children to evolve, so must the people who the children mostly interact with.

To further reinforce their commitment to the progress and futures of the children, Forever New implemented a very impressive 2017 in-store Christmas campaign, taking gold coin donations on our behalf for special Christmas gift bags. This campaign not only saw $4,528 donated to Half the Sky, but also raised awareness of and interest in Half the Sky’s work and impact.

We have the deepest respect for the inspiring people at Forever New and we adore and appreciate their initiative, cheerful giving and special friendship.