An ‘Amazing Race’ for HTS

The Binghamton China Care Club recently held its third annual Amazing Race that raised $150 for Half the Sky all the while having fun!

Modeled after the famous television show, students were invited to sign up in teams of two, were given clues and had to race to different stations to perform challenges such as knocking down cans with rubber bands, popping balloons, balancing a ping pong ball with chopsticks, digging out a goldfish cracker in a bowl of flour (with the use of hands!), and solving a jigsaw puzzle. One challenge even involved racing to take a selfie with Frank Tiu, the vice president of the China Care Club. “It was really fun to see people excited and enthusiastic, especially after weeks of planning,” Tiu said.

“We’ve done this every year so far, and every year it’s been a lot of fun and a great way to give back to campus and help Chinese orphans,” said Leon Tran, a fellow China Care Club member.

The grand winners of the event were Siu Lam Koo, a senior majoring in integrative neuroscience, and Victoria Tam, a junior majoring in biology. They beat the 14 other teams and won a $50 Chipotle gift card.

Congratulations to the Binghamton China Care Club for making it clear that it’s easy to have fun while fundraising for the children!