An Athlete in the Making

In April of this year, we made a wonderful discovery.

Changshan, a 15-year-old boy in our Youth Services program, is an athlete in the making.

In May, he participated in a track and field competition for children with special needs, and won sixth place! This guaranteed him a spot in the finals in 2015. We were so proud of him!

When he came back to the institution, we expected him to be a little bit arrogant, but we were wrong. Instead, he is working twice as hard as before, training in the gym and running laps around the playground every morning.

He has also taken a leadership role with the younger children. We organized many sports activities for the children during the summer and Changshan took the time to teach each child some basic skills, and corrected their movements when necessary.

His attitude and exemplary discipline will serve him well in his journey to becoming athlete!