The Best Present I Ever Received

September 10 is Teacher’s Day. It is also the day I first met JiaLin.

I will never forget seeing this little boy enter the preschool classroom for the first time. His eyes were filled with fear. When JiaLin’s nanny put his hand into mine, it was so cold. I was just about to walk JiaLin over to the toys, when he burst into tears. He turned back to look for his nanny, tears pouring down his face. How can I help JiaLin with his fear and anxiety was the question I kept asking myself.

During the days that followed, I spent a lot of time with JiaLin. I played with him, kissed him and talked to him. I picked him up every day to walk to school. The first few days, he was shy and would not let me hold his hand. I had to walk behind him, sometimes holding my hand against his back to keep contact.

One day, JiaLin slipped when he was climbing the stairs. Immediately, I held his hand to save him from falling and comforted him. From then on, he did not refuse to take my hand.

One day JiaLin stretched his hand out to hold mine even before I held my hand out. I was so happy to see his trust in me. To see him growing past his fear was the best present I ever received.

JiaLin has become more and more attached to me. When he responds to me, I feel very encouraged and confident. Thank you, JiaLin, for helping me understand my mission and the meaning and beauty of my job.