HanXiao, Happy and Courageous Girl

Han Xiao is almost two and a half years old.

She is suffering from congenital blood without hematopoiesis function. She was brought to the orphanage on the 11th day after she was born. From then on, she must have been sent to hospital for blood transfusion to sustain life. She suffered really a lot. We could all tell from her pale face, agitated mood, poor appetite and light sleep. How I wish I could give my blood to her. Every time I saw the eyes of needle on her arms, my heart was bleeding.

Xiao is very clever and is eager to study. When she was nine months old, she could crawl about t look for the toys she likes. She could draw dots with colored pens when she was one and could even walk a few steps without help. She likes to copy what I say. She can sing a lot of songs too. She can also tell every child by the name in the room.

Xiao likes dolls and especially loves taking off the clothes and then putting them on. But sometimes she can’t put the clothes back on after she takes them off. I would show her how to put them on and when she tries on her own, I will encourage her by her side. Xiao will greet every child she sees when she is playing outdoor, even those she does not know. She likes to share her food with other children and when I praise her, she will smile happily. Xiao is going to go to Little Sister Program very soon and all the teachers, elder sisters and brothers like her very much.