We Are All Happy to See Your Change

When the teachers talked of YiHao, they usually gave comments like “crybaby, shy and introvert…”.

YiHao was often found behind the teacher, or alone in the corner while everyone else was playing games. Sometimes he would even hide under the desk to avoid talking to strangers or the children. He seldom open his mouth, looked always defensive.

But now YiHao is totally a different person. He takes the initiative to say hello to other people and the first he does when he comes to the classroom is to greet the teacher.

YiHao used to be a very timid boy. He would be scared by a bug. He would ask me to walk him home every night or at least have other children as his company. Yesterday he was the first one to finish homework. I praised him and asked him to go home by himself. I knew it was a little bit harsh for him but I believed that without the first step he would never be a real man. I walked him out of the corridor to the gate. I encouraged him on the way. I said, “YiHao, you are a big boy now. You did a very good job today. You were the first to finish homework. You can also be the bravest one! Miss Ren will be right here, watching you, and I know you can do it. There is no such thing called ghost, okay? I will wait for you to call me when you arrive home.” YiHao really made it. He called me when he went back home. I was so happy to see his progress. This is really a big step on his way to be a real man.