Heshan’s First Year in Our Family

Our daughter Heshan joined our foster family more than a year ago, at the age of 3, and when I think back to our last year together, I realize how much she has changed!

Heshan was very quiet in the early months… often soft-spoken and shy. Sometimes I couldn’t even hear what she was trying to say to me, despite trying my best.

Now, she is a very talkative little girl who loves telling me about her day.

Heshan also used to have trouble getting dressed. She would often put her pants on inside out, or backwards… sometimes, even putting both legs in the same pant leg.

We practiced and now, she can dress herself.

Sometimes, as a little test, I purposely hand her her pants inside out. She always notices and carefully takes the time to fix them before putting them on. I smile and she says proudly: “Mom, I can put my pants on by myself.” I am so proud of her!

Heshan is growing up and with each passing day, I am getting to know her more and more.

In the past few months, I’ve noticed that she is starting to care a great deal about her appearance. She runs to the mirror every time she gets dressed and before leaving the house each morning. So I take the time to put her hair in beautiful braids, to show how I love her. This makes her happy.

It has been wonderful watching my little girl grow up in the last year!