From 2009 to 2020, OneSky Australia, as part of the global OneSky network, resolutely pursued an improved future for orphaned, abandoned and left behind children in China impacting the lives of over 87,738 children and training more than 17,738 childcare workers in local caregiving communities.  This fabulous 10th Anniversary Annual Report captures its significant milestones and achievements.

For such a stellar decade of overseas aid, OneSky Australia credits its donors, volunteers, members, directors and patrons for their erstwhile generosity, co-operation, optimism and friendship. “It was a truly generous Australian community that invested in a better world for us all, as well as the children and overseas communities in China we served,” said Chairman Steve Jermyn.

Along with the global OneSky network, OneSky Australia’s goal was always to inspire and help build capacity for Chinese partners to do more and ultimately take over OneSky’s work in China. To this end, we are thoroughly delighted to acknowledge the stellar and growing impact of our Chinese sister charity, Chunhui Children’s Foundation, now taking the lead in vital local community fundraising and face to face work for children that was begun with international support over 20 years ago.

Chunhui also remains truly grateful for ongoing support from the global OneSky community and those in Australia wishing to continue their generous donations will find opportunities here: (Please note tax receipts are available from China, Hong Kong and USA).

OneSky Australia was voluntarily closed by its members on March 26, 2020 however,

its remarkable impact and rich history is now preserved in these pages:


Finally, OneSky Australia sends a heartfelt thank you to all the Chinese nannies, teachers, mentors and foster families who truly are the life and soul of OneSky programs – providing the comfort, care, kindness and love to vulnerable children every single day.

Our forever gratitude, for the children …

OneSky Australia team: Deanne, Guy, Veronica, Carmen & Lauren


You may also contact the OneSky  Australia appointed liquidator,

Mr. Andrew Blundell, Partner, Worrells Solvency & Forensic Accountants