PengPeng, You Are Fantastic!

I became ZhiPeng’s nanny when he was only 10 days old. My nickname for him is Pengpeng.

Every day in the morning, the first thing I do when I enter the activity room is to look for Pengpeng so I can hold him in my arms. PengPeng loves when I hold him and smiles and kisses me every day. Pengpeng is now 2 years old and he has made tremendous progress since he came to the program.

I have been massaging him to enhance the flexibility of his joints. He cooperates well when I massage him and is now able to do many more things. For example, he can clamp a bottle under his left arm and use his right hand to screw on the cap. Whenever he succeeds in doing something, I praise him and say, “Pengpeng, you are fantastic!” He smiles happily. Pengpeng is also good at picking up beans and building blocks. He can build with six blocks now. I always clap my hands or give him praise when he successfully piles up the building blocks.

Pengpeng is eager to do well in everything. When he noticed that almost all the other children of his age had started to walk on their own, while he could not, he was upset and sometimes cried.

I saw him crying one day alone, which made me so sad that I also shed tears. I kissed him and encouraged him firmly, “Pengpeng, you are the most fantastic little boy in the world. There is nothing that baffles you, is there? Mom will always be behind you!”

Since that day. Pengpeng has been spending more time in front of the mirror, trying time and time again to stand. Now, my Pengpeng can stand well on his own and he is ready to take his first step! How I look forward to his first step! Go,go,go, Pengpeng!