Touching the Bottom of Each Child’s Heart

At one time, I thought the idea that you could turn into a butterfly was only a fairy tale.

Six years as a Half the Sky preschool teacher has changed my mind. I now know that nothing is impossible because the children have transformed into fluttering butterflies with beautiful wings and so have I.

 When I first started, my heart was distracted because of my lack of confidence. But when I was discouraged, my colleagues kept cheering me on. My once dispirited heart expanded and I started to feel like a fairytale butterfly. I became confident because, like the other teachers, I learned how to touch the bottom of each child’s heart.

 Even a child like gentle Jie-An, who rejected me at first. Then one day, Jie-An threw himself into my lap. It was the first sign that he too would emerge from his cocoon. Embracing him, I felt like the most blessed person in the world.