I Want to Tell The Whole World

My name is Li Jiaping. I’ve been a Half the Sky nanny for eleven years and have cared for many children during that time.

I am caring for a little girl now who is so special, I want to tell the whole world about her.

Wannan was born with limb difference. She does not have fingers, but that hasn’t stopped this resilient angel! By the time she was nine months old, she learned to hold her bottle. She also learned to crawl to her favorite toys and play with them using her arms and feet. She especially loved to play hide and seek with her friends.

Wannan is curious about everything. Even though she cannot hold the leaves in her hands, she always reaches out to touch and explore them.

One day, seeing some other children playing on swings, she wanted to give it a try. I put her on a swing and pushed her gently. She said, “See, I can do it!” and gave me her sunshine smile.

Wannan is 19 months old now. She is a little beauty, strong and resilient. I hope my baby will be always be strong enough to face the world. I hope she can tell everyone she meets, “I can do it!” For now, I will tell the whole world for her.