Wenjie’s Recovery

When two and a half year old Wenje returned to the institution after having surgery for hydrocephalus (a buildup of fluid inside the skull) he was sad.

In order to help him with his transition back to the institution, his nanny spent lots of time holding him in her arms and speaking lovingly to him. She also took him to the activity room every day, where they read books and played games together. 

With his nanny’s love and encouragement, Wenjie has make great progress physically and emotionally. He has learned to stand up and walk a few steps on his own. If he falls, he doesn’t cry because right beside him is his beloved nanny encouraging him with gentle words. He just gets up and continues walking.

Recently, when music plays in the activity room, Wenjie started clapping his hands and humming along with the songs.

Many people have said that Wenjie and his nanny look alike when they are playing and laughing. Can you see it?

We wish him health and happiness forever!