Xia Qinhong

I’m Xia Qinhong, such an ordinary girl who lives in the Nanning orphanage.

I am not smart but I get much help from kind-hearted people. I’m lucky to be enrolled in Youth Service Program of Half the Sky when I was in my Junior High School. Learning how to play the piano is so unreachable even for children having families but I got a chance to touch upon. To be honest, I was a little proud when hearing compliments and getting envious attention. However, I know there must be someone stronger than you. Learning piano takes up much of my time, and I have to balance my schoolwork and piano-learning. I would say, I’m not the best but I’m trying my best.

I still hold gratitude to Nanning CWI who had me in her care. From then on, I am not alone and my life is full of sunshine. I am thankful to have Half the Sky in my life who takes me to the palace of arts and music. My world is decorated by a rainbow full of different colors.

What about the future? Let it be enchanting and fascinating! I still have fear for the fact that I was abandoned and discarded but I will heal as time goes on. I like the storm in summer because it comes with thunder, lightening, and pouring rain. But after that, it will be a sunny day. The light of hope never dies out as long as we have hope in our life. “A tiny spark may start a grassland fire!”

There is a poem from the southern Song Dynasty that reads “After endless mountains and rivers that leave doubt whether there is a path out, suddenly one encounters the shade of a willow, bright flowers and a lovely village.” I like the poem best because we could see the willow, flower, and village as long as we never give up.

I thank everyone who helps me in my life. Wish good luck for you all!