An Active, Happy Boy

ZhiYing is an adorable boy.

When he arrived in our Infant Nurture Program in the fall of 2011 he was eight months old and extremely thin and pale. Three months later he was plump and healthy!

When ZhiYing was about one year old, he started earning his nickname, “mischievous boy.”  Sometimes when his nanny was feeding another baby, ZhiYing would stare at the bottle. Then when the nanny was a little distracted, he would grab the bottle and suck some milk quickly and then put it back into the baby’s mouth. If the nanny saw him holding the bottle, he would smile his mischievous smile and put the milk bottle back before he drank some.

Now ZhiYing is two years old and he loves turning somersaults in the activity room where his nanny can always see how well he does them. He can be seen everywhere participating in all our activities–singing, dancing, playing basketball. He is always the first one who enters the activity room and the last one to leave it and when there is music, he is also always the first one to stand up and start moving.

ZhiYing is good at imitating. He mastered a fishing toy after he watched only once. He is even able to use the fishing rod to pick up other things like bottles.

ZhiYing is such a happy, active boy. We all love him!