Day 6 – Spring Build at the Changsha Model Children’s Centre

Working at the institute was a lot of fun. It was an amazing feeling to be a small part of something so big and meaningful.

Most of the work we did was based on making the orphanage look nicer, such as painting it and adding furniture, but we got to play with the children a little bit, as well. All of the children liked to be centre of attention, and it seemed like the nannies made each individual child feel special.

It was a lot more like fun than work, because there were amazing people to work with, as well as the children running around with huge smiles. It was really incredible how hard everyone worked to make the orphanage a better place to live in. I think once they saw the children, everyone was determined to do something for them.

The children and nannies seemed to be a part of one big family, and it was very gratifying to be welcomed into it for the week we got to work there.

Someone once said “Love is an action, not an emotion,” and I really got to see the true meaning of that.