Exciting News about the China Care Home!

It has long been our goal at Half the Sky to turn funding and operations of our programs over to the Chinese, so we are very happy to announce that as of 2015, our sister organization in China, Chunhui Children, is taking over the funding and operations of the China Care Home.

We are grateful that funds raised in China are now in place to ensure the continued care of children admitted to the center. Half the Sky will continue to work closely with Chunhui Children to refer children with medically fragile conditions in our programs to the center so they can receive the life-saving care they need.

We are also grateful that in October 2014, our team celebrated the relocation of the China Care Home to a newer and more modern facility where there is ample space for the more than 60 caring and loving Chunhui caregivers to dote on their little charges as they prepare for and recover from medical treatment. The new facilities, located in Beijing’s quiet Yizhuang Economic Development Zone neighborhood, include a new administrative area, nine rooms for the children, a professional nursing station, and a large activity room.

It is always wonderful news when we learn that we can focus our extremely limited resources where the need is greatest, including our Model Centers that still need financial support, our Child Development Experts’ training and mentoring that is helping to ensure program quality, our Rainbow Training that is helping institutions launch Half the Sky-inspired programs of their own at Seed Centers, and our Special Needs training that is helping our caregivers gain the tools they need to help the majority of the children in our programs who have special needs.

Many thanks for your support of the China Care Home over the years and to Matt Dalio, who first established the home when he founded China Care Foundation as a teenager. Together, we have created a legacy at the China Care Home that will continue to provide high-quality medical care and nurturing for China’s medically fragile orphaned children.