Reaching for a Hug!

My sweet little Rui is a six-year-old boy.

Recently, I discovered what Rui loves the most: hugs! So I decided to incorporate hugs into our daily sessions teaching Rui to walk independently.

The first time I had him stand in front of me and let go of his hands, he froze and would not move. No matter how much I tried to make him laugh or entice him with a game or toy, it did not help. He just stared at me and did not move.

So I changed strategies.

I went all the way to Rui and gave him a giant hug, to make him feel safe. Rui smiled, and I could tell that this was exactly what he needed.

Then I told him: “Rui, come to me and give me a hug,” and I gently backed away by one step.

Rui took a careful step forward and threw himself into my arms! It worked!

I kissed and praised him! I was so proud of him. He had taken his very first step!

We practiced like this for many weeks until he could walk 2-3 meters by himself and then, we moved onto a new challenge: stairs, which he mastered equally as quickly with my support.

I am very happy that our special bond has enabled Rui to gain enough confidence to learn new skills so easily.

If there were a prize for ‘most improved’ in our Little Sisters Preschool classroom, it would definitely go to Rui because of all the new milestones he has reached in recent months!