Friendly Photo Contest!

On a warm summer’s day in July, thirty of our Youth Services participants gathered at the Old Summer Palace, for a special workshop on photography as part of our yearly Youth Services Newsletter Workshop.

Armed with a camera, and guided by photography teacher Tony Cong, the team was challenged to a friendly photography contest.

The participants scattered and each found beauty in different locations of this scenic venue, and we wanted to share their amazing snapshots with you. So without further ado, here are the top seven photos of the day!

1st Prize Photo by Xiong Na (24 years old

2nd Prize Photo by Xia Qinhong? (22 years old)

3rd Prize Photo by Hu Tian (20 years old)

4th Prize Photo by Zhang Zhijie (18 years old)

5th Prize Photo by Ye Liangshan (21 years old)

6th Prize Photo by Fan Guangzhou (18 years old)

7th Prize Photo by Shao Liangliang (26 years old)

Congratulations to our budding photographers!