Giving Back With Love

Just like the children I care for, I am an orphan.

With the help of many people, I grew up and went to school. I am married now and have a lovely daughter. In order to give back to the community that cared about me and helped me, I returned to my institution as a Half the Sky nanny.

One of the children I’m caring for, Qingshan, has been part of my life since he entered our Infant Nurture Program at four months. Just like me, he looks different. He does not have a left hand, but that hasn’t stopped this smart, curious boy! He is very good at puzzles; he can recognize different animals and give me the puzzle pieces I ask for. When we go outside, he touches the leaves and grass. He especially loves to play with the water in the pond.

Everyone loves Qingshan because of his friendly and generous nature. Whenever he has some food, he passes some to his friend Qingli, saying “Here you are.” But he will also not hesitate to ask his friend for a toy he wants.

I am happy I came back to my institution. It is a joy to take care of and love children like Qingshan, who have life experiences like mine.