An Unbreakable Bond

When Bosheng first entered the Infant Nurture Program, he held back when his nanny tried to play with him.

Undaunted, Nanny Li Hongyan carried him in her arms and encouraged his every step.

Now, when Nanny Li and Bosheng play together, his giggles fill the activity room. In the activity room, Bosheng loves the book corner and loves to draw. He often chooses a book and asks Nanny Li to read it to him. When the story ends, he picks up the pen and paper she has prepared for him, draws a picture, and then asks her to come take a look. He beams when Nanny Li responds, “Wow, you did a great job!”

Nanny Li has recorded details of Bosheng’s life and progress in his Memory Book. Boshengloves to look at his book and listens carefully to his nanny when she tells him stories about himself. One day, Bosheng compared the footprints and fingerprints in the book to his real hands. “My hands got smaller!” he told her.  “My baby, you have grown!” she said.

Bosheng is going to be adopted soon, so he and his nanny do not have much time left together. Nanny Li knows that having a permanent family is best for Bosheng, but it is so hard to separate. For now, she makes sure to hold Bosheng in her arms as much as she can so he knows that she will always love him.

Nanny Li hopes her precious baby will thrive in his new family and that he will be happy forever!