A Holiday Tale from OneSky


Once upon a time in China, on a chilly winter morning, a small bundle was left at the front gate of a fine and prosperous home.

Actually, I’m sorry to say it was just a few weeks ago. We wish such things no longer happened…for wrapped in that bundle was a tiny baby girl.

When passersby discovered the poor child on that cold day, they found a note tucked among many layers of worn blankets and clothing.

“Our daughter is sick,” the note said. “We have no money. You are rich. Please help her.”

Someone rang the bell at the fine house. But the people inside didn’t want to take the baby in. “Take her away,” they said, and shut the door.

The passersby looked down at the baby, silent and sleeping on the cold pavement. They talked among themselves. Of course, they were sorry for the child, but no one offered to take her home.

Instead, they called the police, who came at once and brought the baby to the local orphanage. A place where, thankfully, OneSky-inspired programs provide just the kind of care this baby most needs.

When the staff took her inside, they noticed that her little heart was thumping hard in her chest. Her breath was raspy and forced. Her tiny fingertips were blue. Still she slept.

They kept her in an observation room where a OneSky nanny held her and rocked her and let her know she was not alone. The baby did not cry. Only now and then would she open hazy eyes – and her nanny would whisper sweet words. “It’s all right. I am here.”

The silent child, whom they called “BeiAn” (Quiet Baby) has a congenital heart defect that will require surgery. While she waits to grow big enough and strong enough to survive the operation she needs, BeiAn will live with her new nanny at our China Care Home, receiving round-the-clock extra-special care.

And that is where she is right now. The child nobody wanted is now clean and warm and snuggled safe in the arms of a loving, highly-trained nanny. When she finally begins to cry, someone will be there to comfort her.

She has a family again at OneSky. A family that will never let her down. She is a child both lost and found.


Thank you for helping BeiAn and children like her
learn to know what love feels like.

All of us at OneSky
wish you peace and happiness in this holiday season…