I am Proud of Myself!

My name is XiaoNan.

My left arm has been shorter than my right arm since I was born. I was brought to the social welfare institution by a policeman. It was winter and so cold that my hands and feet, wrapped in a rag, had turned purple. The nannies took good care of me and soon I grew into a plump boy.

When I was three, I was enrolled in the Little Sisters Program where I have made lots of friends. I want to do well in all our preschool activities, which means I have to go to rehab. I still remember the first time I went my arm ached so much that I cried and ran out of the room. My teacher did not blame me. Instead, she patiently talked to me and sang songs to me calm me down. She also introduced me to many children who used to be in the same condition as I but, thanks to rehab exercises, are recovering. My teacher told me: “When you hand is better, you can hold things with both hands. Then you can take charge of distributing snacks and toys to the class.”

With my teacher’s encouragement, I went to rehab every day and even started to like it. One day, I remember it was very hot and all the other children went back to the activity room. The teacher asked me, “Nan, are you tired? If so, you can take a rest” But I wanted to continue practicing so I said to her, “No, I am not tired. I want to go on.”

After some time going to rehab every day,  I noticed that my right hand became stronger and my fingers became more flexible though I still could not lift my right hand. Whenever I saw other children raise both their hands, I would get upset. But my teacher told me, “Nan, if you continue, you can do it one day. I believe in you because I know Nan is a miracle boy!” I was very happy to hear this. I practiced harder every day and I learned to climb stairs and feed myself without help.

My teacher often asked me to help her put away toys after class to practice using my right hand. Once I was carrying a handful of erasers, but I fell and they scattered all over. I stood up and although I was very sore, I tried to pick them up. But I failed several time because my fingers were trembling. When I was just about to give up, the children and teachers started applauding me. I bent over again and this time I picked one up!

I am proud of myself, not only because I have become stronger physically, but also because I am stronger from the bottom of my heart. I am brave and confident. I know that if you want to make it, you must work hard and you will.