Meet the future – from baby steps to giant strides for OneSky

Found abandoned in a washtub – now tiny BeiAn is the face of hope, inspiring OneSky’s next steps.


Earlier this month, OneSky marked 20 years in existence at our Hong Kong Gala with Founder and CEO Jenny Bowen meeting with supporters to thank them for making two decades worth of progress possible.

 Simultaneously, OneSky launched this new-look website with the theme “Meet the Future”. BeiAn who was born with a damaged heart and malformed hands figures prominently. Her parents, unable to care for her or meet the cost of corrective healthcare, abandoned her.

 BeiAn was taken to the local orphanage and then onto OneSky’s China care home in Beijing for medical care. Equally important was starting the process to give Bein back all the love she had lost.

 Now, despite bad luck beginning, she is loved and happy and her future is now the brightest it’s ever been.

 OneSky Founder and CEO Jenny Bowen said:

 “Today she resides at our China Care Home in Beijing. When she’s big enough and strong enough, she will have corrective surgery for her heart. When she is healed, she will find a new life in an adoring family. She will grow up to do and become whatever she dreams of.

“But there are many thousands of others who, without intervention, are unlikely to ever reach their potential. Thank you for helping OneSky transform the lives of babies like BeiAn. Think of it as an investment in a better world…for, just like your children and ours — they are the future.”

Give a meaningful gift

BeiAn is just one of 164,129 children whose lives have been touched by OneSky since it was launched in 1998 (then called Half the Sky). The newly-launched website profiles many of their stories with supporters able to sponsor a child or give a meaningful gift to a community, school or foster family.

The site also now has a news section – keeping supporters up to date with program work in China and Vietnam. OneSky is now set to expand into wider Asia using its experience to benefit an even greater number of children.

Looking forward, Jenny Bowen said:

“We have seen with our own eyes the miracle of hurt children transformed. We know how to make life better for the ones the world forgot.

“With your help, we can actually change the world. It’s only a matter of time.

“Working together, we – you and I – can make the future bright for ALL children! With your help, we can actually change the world. We can write a better future. It will take time and money and lots and lots of love. But what better gift can we leave for our world