Special Girl Scout Delivery!

A very special group of Girl Scouts recently reached out to us.

Girl Scout Troop 43, from Indianapolis, Indiana, has been together for six years and is made up entirely of Chinese adoptees.

In addition to normal scout activities, troop leaders make it a priority, at each meeting, to teach the 10-year-old girls a little bit about Chinese culture.

So in the Spring, when it was time to start brainstorming ideas for a special project, Half the Sky immediately came to mind.

“The troop wanted to find a project that would benefit children in China still waiting for their families,” says Sue Springirth, troop representative.

After careful consideration, the troop decided to plan a surprise for the children at our Little Sisters Preschool Program at the Wuzhou Social Welfare Institution, in Guangxi Province.

After learning from our staff that children in Wuzhou have a special reputation for being great little artists, the troop gathered donations and craft materials and mailed them to the children.

They also put their sewing talents to good use and made each and every child a beautiful art apron adorned with hearts.

Our young budding artists were thrilled with the gift and didn’t know where to start when they saw the beautiful table overflowing with new craft supplies!

And the caretakers were so grateful that they pulled out their cameras and took photos of the children, to share with the Girl Scouts.

Our warmest thanks go to all the members of Girl Scout Troop 43 for bringing joy and love to the children, and congratulations on getting the 2014 BRONZE award for this perfectly executed team project!