The Footprint of Growth

Hello, everyone!

My name is Kong Anzhi, and I’ve been working at Half the Sky for more than 13 years. I’m going to introduce a pretty and outgoing girl named Lu Shitong. Everybody loves Shitong.

On May 18, 2011, Shitong was only 17 days old when she was abandoned. Under our care, she got better after arteriovenous fistula operation. She entered China Care Home on February 15, 2012 when she was nine months old. At the beginning, she had no facial expression when she came to me because she was not familiar with the surroundings. She had no words but only cried a little bit when she got hungry. I touched her more, held her in my arms, and gave her hugs, and talked to her. I gave her toys for her playing. Gradually, she got closer to me.

After three months’ interaction and training, Little Shitong began to crawl and find toys everywhere. Little by little, she can turn her position from lying on her stomach to sitting. She sometimes passes her toy from one hand to another. She can amuse herself very much because I could hear her laughing loudly. She also made progress in fine motor skills. She can pinch cookies with her fingers and put it into her mouth.

Shitong is getting more and more introverted. She always is the first one to eat all her snacks and gets some from other friends. She occasionally fights for a toy with others, once she won, she will give her typical proud smile. Then she throws herself into my arms and gives me kisses.

When Shitong was 19 months, she was very cooperative when I was dressing for her. She likes to play the shaking horse very much. she can get on the horse herself. She also likes to play hide and seek with her friends. When they are outdoors, they either hold the big tree in the garden or play basketball together.

In April 2013, she was transferred to the senior class. She is curious about the new class and new environment. But she gets along with her new friends after a while. She is also potty trained in the new class. When seeing children outside playing sides, she also wants to try. She is brave enough to climb on the slide and play it for fun.

As long as I take her out for outdoor activities, she will be extremely excited. She greets to everyone she knows, “grandpa”, “sister”, “grandma”… she also likes to spend some time observe the fish beside the pond. Every time she could not help put her little hands into the pond.

Now Shitong is 25 months old. She is getting more sensible and capable. She can put on shoes herself after getting up. She can feed herself with a spoon. She now can speak a few words such as “mom”, “flowers”, “crackers”, “give me”, “mine”, “I’m full” etc.

Every time I saw her smiley face and exciting look, I wish there will be good families that want to have her. I hope she can grow up in a family full of love with parents, and siblings.