Best Buddies!

Sometimes friendships blossom in the most unlikely of places.

Such is the case for these two best buddies: YuNuo and BoYuan.

YuNuo and BoYuan live at our China Care Home. They were both born with anal atresia, both underwent several bowel repair surgeries, and both had to struggle with the ups and downs of post-op infections and complications.

But that’s not all they have it common.

Both YuNuo and BoYuan are mischievous, love to play outdoors, very strong willed, and  love to have their photos taken. When we pull out a camera, they immediately rush to pose for it and when we print out the photos and hang them on the walls, they point and say: “This is BoYuan,” and “This is YuNuo.”

These two boys have developed a close bond. We always see them together, playing games, reading stories, and singing songs. And when YuNuo was bedridden recently, following a colostomy closing surgery, guess who stayed by his side?

These little guys are truly best buddies, and we suspect that this friendship will last a lifetime!