MengWen’s Beautiful Smiles

17-month-old MengWen has been at our China Care Home for seven months recovering from surgery to correct anal atresia.

When MengWen was discharged from the hospital, she needed to lie in bed to rest. But even though she was still weak from surgery, she was very eager to get out of bed and play on the floor mat. Whenever she had the opportunity to get out of her crib, she would become very excited and then crawl around and pull herself up by holding onto the railing. She would babble happily as she explored. When her nanny put toys around her, she would pick up her favorite one. Then she would lift up the toy and shake it as hard as she could.

As time went on, MengWen’s condition got better and better. She could eat more and she established a very close emotional attachment with her nanny. Whenever her nanny talks, she looks over at her and whenever her nanny stands near MengWen’s bed, she reaches out her hand and asks for a hug.

Due to her medical condition, MengWen’s body is not chubby, except for her cheeks, but her eyes are big and bright. Though she can’t speak many words, she often looks around and observes. She is curious about what others are doing and is happy to play with other children. She may tussle with them for toys sometimes, but she gets along well with all the other children.

Once, MengWen’s nanny taught another child how to shake hands. Though MengWen was sitting on the floor mat playing with toys, when she saw her nanny shaking hands, she imitated her. Her nanny was surprised to see how well she had imitated the gesture and held MengWen in her arms and kissed her. MengWen giggled and looked proud.

Now MengWen can say “mama.” She understands some simple words and sentences and she can take a few steps. Though her steps are not yet steady, she has made great progress. Even though MengWen has gone through so much, she is strong and outgoing. We often see her beautiful smile, which makes everyone happy.

MengWen needs one more surgery. We hope it will be very successful and that she will heal quickly.