Trip Update #2: Changsha

On day 4, despite torrential rain in Hunan Province, our team headed eagerly to the Changsha Model Children’s Centre. We were joined by Daniel Farley and Chanel McArthur, representing EG Funds, our generous Changsha Infant Nurture Programme sponsors. Click here to see photos.

Many of the older children recognized Guy Russo and Deanne Bevan and quickly came to greet them! They all chatted eagerly and caught up! We then got to tour the facilities and observe the preschoolers and youths busy with their daily activities such as crafts or playing music. We were touched to witness them participating with so much confidence and vigour. It was heartwarming.

“I’m really glad and grateful that we had an opportunity to see the fruits of Half the Sky’s hard labour,” said Daniel. “Half the Sky is doing an amazing job and it’s genuinely humbling to see the love, effort and positive energy we saw during our visit. I have no doubt that the children appreciate it!  “

In the Infant Nurture playroom, Guy sprawled out on the floor and was quickly overcome by many curious and giggling babies. It was a lovely sight to see!

We then got to meet with two of the foster families living onsite.

It was wonderful to see firsthand the love, joy and pride that is building in these homes! The selflessness of the parents was evident, and they were so proud to tell us about the progress their children with special needs were making!

During this visit, Director Long came to join us. As soon as the children saw him, they deliriously ran to him for a warm embrace. Our team was truly touched to see this bond.

“Coming back to Changsha every year is always so inspiring because with Director Long at the helm there is no question of his (and his team’s) ongoing commitment and dedication to the children,” said Deanne.

We were thrilled to see that our project in Hunan Province is continuing to do so well!

By Veronica Reich, Half the Sky Australia Communications Director